About the Network

Ljubljana Network of Info Points (L’MIT) was founded in 1998 by the Office for Youth of the City of Ljubljana and brings together non-profit organizations active in the field of youth information. The core working area of ​​the Network is to inform young people between the ages of 15 and 29 who reside, study, work or just stay temporarily in the City of Ljubljana, as well as youth organizations and organizations for young people active in the area.

To this end, L’MIT collects, publishes and provides information free of charge:

  • at www.lmit.org website, where information is divided into: L’MIT for youth and L’MIT for youth organizations;
  • through a database of organizations that carry out activities with young people and for young people in the City of Ljubljana;
  • via the weekly notifier e-NAMIG.

On the L’MIT website, young people can find information on education, employment, volunteering, cultural, sporting and entertainment events, activism, ecology, spirituality, health and assistance in need, local organizations and jobs for youth, youth work development, tenders and competitions, European youth programmes. In doing so, we select information on activities that are free of charge or affordable for young people.

We also upgrade our information activities by providing counselling to young people. In this way, we provide young people with active support in their own search, selection and use of relevant information.

All activities are carried out in accordance with the principles of the European Youth Information Charter and the principles of the European Online Youth Information Charter adopted by the international agency ERYICA, as well as with the criteria and standards defined in the Youth Information and Counselling Concept in Slovenia.

Network members

Ljubljana Network of Info Points (L’MIT) is a network of eight non-profit organizations that are partnered by a joint information activity for youth as well as youth organizations in the City of Ljubljana.

Network Members are:

ŠKUC Association – Info ŠKUC: a coordinator

Stari trg 21, 1000 Ljubljana

E: info.skuc@guest.arnes.si

W: www.skuc.org


Ljubljana City Library

Kersnikova ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana

E: koz@lj.sik.si

W: www.mklj.si


Legebitra Youth Centre

Trubarjeva 76, 1000 Ljubljana

E: info@legebitra.si

W: www.legebitra.si


DrogArt Association

Kardeljeva ploščad 16, 1000 Ljubljana

E: info@drogart.org

W: www.drogart.org


MISSS Institute

Kunaverjeva 2, 1000 Ljubljana

E: info@misss.org

W: www.misss.si


KUD Anarhiv

Metelkova 6, 1000 Ljubljana

E: anarhiv@mail.ljudmila.org

S: https://kudanarhiv.org/


Centre of Social Work Moste Polje – Counselling Office Fužine

Preglov trg 12, 1000 Ljubljana

E: cona.fuzine@siol.net

S: www.csd-ljmostepolje.si


SLOAM, Agency for Youth

Linhartova 13 / 1st floor, 1000 Ljubljana

E: info@mobin.si

W: www.mladinskakartica.si


Contact of the coordinator of L’MIT Network:

Info ŠKUC, Stari trg 21

SI-1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 (0)1 421 31 42

E: info.skuc@lmit.org

Working hours: Every working day between noon and 6pm.