Formal education

You can find information regarding formal education on the website of the University of Ljubljana. The link is available here.

Also, information for foreign students is provided by individual faculties on their websites.

Non-formal education

Non-formal education is a planned process of acquiring, disseminating and deepening knowledge outside of formal education programmes and does not necessarily lead to formally recognized results. Non-formal education includes experiential learning, peer learning, and informal learning. It is carried out by non-governmental, non-profit organizations, local communities, individuals and also government institutions. Volunteering is also a great opportunity for non-formal education.

Various organizations in Ljubljana are involved in non-formal education. You can find them in the City of Ljubljana Youth Organizations database, here.

In Slovenia, we have established tools for recording non-formal education, which are:

Nefiks – Non-formal Index

Moje izkušnje


Ljubljana City of Learning

Free language learning:

You can find free Slovenian language learning for foreigners here.

Erasmus Plus Online Linguistic support is an online platform designed for Erasmus Plus programme participants and currently facilitates foreign language learning. The programme is tailored to the needs of participants in international exchanges. The prerequisite for using the platform is that you are selected to participate in the Erasmus + programme.

As most of this websites are in Slovenian language, you can contact us for questions and we will help you or guide you forward. You can write to