What to do in Ljubljana?

Where to go for a trip in Ljubljana?

Ljubljana Castle is located in the middle of the city bustle, but a bit away from it. From its privileged position, it offers stunning views of the surroundings, as well as a stroll through the past and a break from the haste that rules the everyday life.

Tivoli Park is Ljubljana’s largest park, which extends into the city centre. In 1880, a pond was built on the edge of the park. Next to the pond is a small botanical park with a greenhouse. From Park Tivoli there are walking and recreational trails to the top of the Rožnik hill.

The Zoo is located on the southern slope of Rožnik. It is a 20-minute walk from the city centre. At the Zoo, we can meet animal species from all continents, and is especially proud of species specific to this part of the world or to the area where the Alpine, Pannonian and Mediterranean worlds meet.

Botanical Garden is the oldest cultural, scientific and educational institution with continuous activity in Slovenia. It grows many species of plants and endemics that are already extinct elsewhere. It operates under the auspices of the Biology Department of the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana. The garden was declared a cultural monument of national importance in 2008.

Ljubljana Marshes is an area of ​​valuable natural and cultural heritage on the outskirts of Ljubljana. Today it is a landscape park and home to as many as 250 bird species, 48 ​​species of dragonflies, 89 species of butterflies and many other animal and plant species.

Golovec hill rises above the eastern parts of Ljubljana. It has a series of well-maintained recreational and cycling trails. It is also home to the Golovec Astronomical and Geophysical Observatory.

Šmarna gora is a solitary hill in the north of the Ljubljana field. It has two peaks: the lower Šmarna Gora (669 m) and the higher, Grmada (676 m). Due to its location and view, it has become a popular hiking destination. From the hill you can see Triglav, Stol and Corinthian Obir, and in the south direction you can see Krim, Snežnik and Trdinov vrh on Gorjanci.

Museums and Galleries

On Mondays, most museums and galleries are closed, but there are exceptions (National Gallery of Slovenia on Prešernova Road, Slovenian Museum of Natural History, Slovenian School Museum, Sports Museum, Museum of Illusions, etc). Also, many museums have free admission on the first Sunday of the month.

Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana

City Museum of Ljubljana

City Art Gallery Ljubljana

Jakopič Gallery

Match Gallery

Cultural Centre Tobačna 001

Bežigrad Gallery 1

Bežigrad Gallery 2

Plečnik House

Museum of Modern Art and Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova

International Centre of Graphic Arts

National Museum of Slovenia

National Gallery of Slovenia

National Museum of Contemporary History

Museum of Architecture and Design

Slovene Ethnographic Museum

Slovenian Museum of Natural History

Technical Museum of Slovenia

Museum of Puppetry

Slovenian School Museum

Bohuslav Lavička Pharmaceutical and Medical Collection

Brewery Museum

Railway Museum of Slovenian Railways

Slovene Sports Museum

Museum of Illusions

Škuc Gallery

P74 Gallery

Alkatraz Gallery

Universal Atelier of Street Art

Gallery DobraVaga

Photography Gallery

Photon Gallery – Centre for Contemporary Photography

Museum of Transitory Art MoTA

Vodnik Homestead Šiška

The Happy Day of Culture – On December 3, on the occasion of Prešeren’s birthday, an open doors day of Slovenian cultural institutions, called The Happy Day of Culture, takes place. Many national and municipal cultural institutes open their doors free of charge on this day and free workshops and publications are available.

Museum Summer Night – is the largest promotional campaign of Slovenian museums and galleries, and is joined by numerous other institutes and institutions that carry out programmes in the field of cultural heritage, art, culture, history. It takes place on the 2 or 3 Saturday in July.

International Museum Day – is the central Slovenian cultural celebration day, celebrated on 8 February. Many national and municipal cultural institutes open their doors free of charge on this day and free workshops and publications are available.

Dance, Theatre and Opera

Slovene National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana

Slovene National Theatre Drama

Ljubljana City Theatre

Mladinsko Theatre

Mini Theatre Ljubljana

Glej Theatre

Ljubljana Puppet Theatre

SiTi Theatre BTC

Šentjakob Theatre

Dance Theatre Ljubljana

Španski borci Culture Centre

Old Power Station

Cankar Centre



Slovenian Cinematheque

Kino Komuna

Kino Bežigrad


Film Under the Stars


Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture


Metelkova City:



Orto bar

Lectures and Discussions

Trubar Literature House

Oton Župančič Library

Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts ZRC SAZU

Vodnik Homestead


Summer at NUK Festival

Summer in Ljubljana Old Town

Festival Ljubljana

Ana Desetnica Street Theatre Festival

Young Lions Festival

City of Women

Ana Plamenita

Ljubljana LGBT Film Festival


MENT Ljubljana

Druga godba


Ljubljana Jazz Festival

Living Literature Festival

Let’s Meet in Front of Škuc Festival